Race Trek

Race Trek is a race through space on Android tablets for up to three players.

This project was created for Bradley University's End-of-Year Portfolio Show, FUSE, where it was displayed at Peoria's Riverfront Museum. It was given a $2,000 grant to be produced. 

This game is a three player race through space created in Unity. Each player starts by customizing their own ship on their individual, networked Android tablet. Once their ship is made, they race to the finish by navigating through a course. First player to cross the finish line wins!

As Producer of this project, I led a team of six through the entire production process. I kept the team organized and on schedule to make sure all of due dates were met on time. While leading the team, I helped out in a variety of areas such as UI design and programming. Throughout the entire process I ensured that everyone had all of the proper assets from one another and that everyone had the necessary materials to get their work done. 

Team Credits: Hannah Evers - Producer, Kevin Adams - Assistant Producer, Fiona Kordyban - Artist, Erin Bendle - Artist, Quinn Weber - UI/UX Designer, Austin Holt - Programmer, David Matias - Programmer, Christian Sauder - Sound Design
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