Deserted Dino

Deserted Dino is an interactive, archeological dig. Players can dig through multiple layers of sand to uncover gems, break up rocks, and discover the bones of a Tyrannosaurus.

I was chosen to lead this project by Bradley University's Interactive Media Department. It was given a $12,150 grant to be produced in their Spring 2016 FUSE Showcase. The school purchased an Ideum Multi-touch Table for us to showcase our work on. This table allowed for 60 touch inputs at a time, greatly enhancing the overall experience. 
As Producer of this project, I led a team of six from the beginning design document process through to the final product. I kept the team organized and on schedule to make sure all of due dates were met on time. While leading the team, I helped out in every area such as sound design, programming, UI design, and art. Throughout the entire process I ensured that our vision was being created to the best of our abilities. 

Team Credits: Hannah Evers - Producer, Kevin Adams - Lead Programmer, Eric Bedwell - Lead Artist, Dustin Dang - Lead Artist, Blake Brewer - Assistant Artist, Peter Arzola - Assistant Programmer
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